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Week 14 Blogpoll Draft

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Not a lot of breathing room in the poll. If you screw up this late in the season, you drop like a rock. If you win, you barely move...
Jesse: LSU and Bama. Nothing else needs be said, but here's some tidbits anyway. Houston is still undefeated so I put them third by default. Are they really the third-best team in the country? Absolutely not, but this is where I place them and any others like them until we have a true playoff system. Consider it my Luke Skywalker pick. The rest of my poll looks more standardized even if I still want to throw both TCU and Baylor into the top seven just based on my own fondness of them. I didn't and they are 12th and 10th respectively. The rest is just a crap shoot and honestly, after that turd of a game we played I was completely uninterested in college football the rest of the day.
Oriental: LSU is still my solid #1, with Bama #2, but I hate what I think will happen. Georgia is so hot right now, that they might just beat LSU. That will move Bama into #1, when they didn't even qualify for their conference championship game, against VPI. I left us in my Top 25, just because we are no worse a team now than when we were 6-0. No better either.

The ACC still has a long way to go as a conference. The games I watched yesterday, showed me two things. The SEC is getting far bigger guys than the ACC and the skill players are incredible athletes. Sammy Watkins, the Clemson freshman WR, did not look especially fast versus the SC corners. As for our game, we cannot get behind two or three scores and play our normal offense. The defense has got to improve. I actually think our offense played a credible game yesterday. I will post a long essay about our season later this week.

If Georgia beats LSU, would you vote the Tigers as your #2?