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Quick Thoughts after Tech drops third straight to Georgie

Not as cold as 2003. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Not as cold as 2003. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
Getty Images
The defense gave up 200 yards passing in the first half and the offense never seemed to gain any rhythm. I thought we had a shot when Georgie had to settle for a field goal at the end of the second half but the Boykin return killed any momentum and excitement left at Bobby Dodd Stadium. Co-players of the game were easily Aaron Murray for Georgie in the 1st half and the punter, Butler.

Butler pinned Tech inside the 10 twice today and field position seemed to be the name of the game. Tech's average field position was the GT 19 while the dog's average starting field position was the uga 37. In the second half, the dogs averaged a starting field position of the 50 yard line. Despite their offense slowing down, they still pinned Tech inside the 20 on average on all of our second half drives.

Any thoughts out there from the folks who watched it on TV as I'm sure most at the game are still meandering around the tailgates...