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Georgia Tech vs. Georgia: Yellow Jackets Facing Least Experienced Offensive Line Since 2008

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In 2008, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets faced a young but talented dog offensive line. 2010 finally saw the end of that stable of players as the game's starters were represented by four of the original five back in 2008. 

2008 was a crucial edition of Clean, Old-Fashioned Hate rivalry because of 1) the snapped streak keeping Bobby Dodd's 8IAR Streak intact as the longest win streak in the rivalry and 2) the dramatic 2nd half. And another fact about 2008 that you need to recall is that the georgie bulldogs were held to only 81 yards of rushing offense in that year of inexperienced linemen.

2008 saw three sophomores and two freshman. 2011 sees three seniors and two sophomores. However, of those five starters three of them (Kenarious Gates- So, Chris Burnette - So, and Justin Anderson - Sr) did not start last year minimizing the level of playing experience.

2011 is the best scenario for the Georgia Tech defense since 2008. The Jackets can expect to see the following starting line up at offensive line for georgie. Number of starts is number of games started in 2011 only. 


Tech has faced one other offensive line that could compete with this size in the North Carolina Tar Heels who averaged 6'6, 319 lbs up front. 

For the Yellow Jackets to win the game, stopping the run is essential to getting the victory on Saturday. An inexperienced offensive line and a possible injured Isaiah Crowell may give the Yellow Jackets the opportunities they need to wreak havoc at the line of scrimmage ala Clemson. What do you think about georgie's offensive line versus Tech's DL?

Edit 11/23/2011: As you read through the comments, you may see there has been some confusion as to the overall point. Better graphics in the comments and you'll see that uga has two noobs on the line this year, the most new additions since 2008.