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Draft Blogpoll Week 13

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Hokies #2 WTF?  (Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)
Hokies #2 WTF? (Photo by Geoff Burke/Getty Images)
Getty Images
Everyone's probably looking at our poll and saying, "WTF VPI?" Yes, we put VPI in at #2. And I'm probably speaking out of turn for OrientalNC's submission on this but as for Winfield and myself, we had a discussion about this yesterday. We felt the Top 2 should be teams that have not yet met in the regular season. Because there is no way to settle it on the field, then your system should do everything in its power to settle it on the field. LSU already bested Alabama on THEIR OWN field. It's time for another team to get a shot at LSU. VPI may get creamed and Houston would probably too but to us, it's more appropriate than awarding the second-best team in a division a shot in the National Title Game particularly if VPI defeats UVA and avenges Clemson (their first and only loss) in the ACCCG. Wisconsin is ranked abnormally high because we have a soft spot for Russell Wilson and feel like his team shouldn't be penalized for freak plays (ala the Joel Sokol model).

If you really break down the top 8, we have the teams ranked by their worst loss and current momentum. I know this will generate some heat from the FTRS readership so let us know your thoughts! WOOOO!
OrientalNC: It looks like the SEC could play each other out of the championship game. LSU closes with Arkansas, so one of them will sit watching the following weekend. Maybe both. I don't know how the SEC decides 3-way ties. Hell, Bama might not even beat Auburn. The War Eagles can play a little bit, too. Then the winner of the West has to play Georgia for the SEC title.

ESPN is touting an all-SEC BCS game, but I don't think it will happen. Someone has to say, "Wait, isn't Houston undefeated?"

I thought about ranking UAB after they dumped Southern Miss, but then Presbyterian beat Cincinnati in hoops yesterday, so maybe blind squirrels do indeed find nuts. This is the craziest football season in many years.