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Georgia Tech 38 Duke 31: We Won, Need To Focus Better. Moving On...

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Yesterday was a great day to be a college football fan. What was supposed to be a boring football weekend was exactly the opposite. We all watched the SEC mail it in except LSU and Arkansas, we saw the most-ACC game EVAR, and then there were also those games in Waco, Eugene, and Austin. Then we also did our thing against Duke. 

Before kickoff, Wes Durham made a comment about one of the players showing up with a briefcase because the Blue Devil trip was a business trip. Unfortunately, that's kind of how we looked. Offensively we played alright, wasn't too sure about the defense. Hats off to David Cutcliffe for making Duke better. 

My biggest concern was the penalties, especially the personal fouls. The lack of discipline was pretty apparent. After the way we lost to Virginia Tech last week, with Jeremiah Attaochu's punch to David Wilson's face, you'd think the Yellow Jackets would be aware of what not to do. Instead, we kept on doing stupid things at stupid times. I can think of three personal fouls that were handed to us, two of them were on 3rd down and both led to eventual Duke touchdowns.

Stats-wise, the game was very 2009-ish. When we score 38 points, we expect to win, regardless of margin. A good goal for this week is to clean up the team's situational awareness for the big game this weekend against georgie.

Go Jackets! To Hell with Georgia!