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Georgia Tech Bowl Projections: Do Non-Orange Bowl Slots Matter In 2011?

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Bowl projections have been published this week and after nine game in, we can probably form a rough idea of how the ACC will stack up. Georgia Tech still (kind of) controls its destiny thanks to the convincing win over the Clemson Tigers. A win over Virginia Tech plus a loss from the Virginia Cavaliers will put the Yellow Jackets right back into the driver's seat of the ACC Coastal Division with a chance to play for an ACC title and Orange Bowl berth.


Nobody thinks Georgia Tech will be able to do that. In fact, Heather Dinich, Brad Edwards/ Mark Schalabach,, and even SBN's Math-man Bill Connelly believe the Yellow Jackets will travel to El Paso, Texas for the Hyundai Sun Bowl. The opponent is a toss up, either the Utah Utes or the California Golden Bears.

More discussion and questions after the jump...

The Sun Bowl is slotted for the ACC No. 4. The same four projectors believe Florida State will take the ACC No. 3 slot and play Notre Dame in the Champs Sports Bowl and Virginia Tech will be given the #2 ACC position and play in the Chick-fil-A Bowl. FWIW Connelly does go out and say we'll rematch Clemson in the ACC Championship Game but gives the edge to the Tigers because his number crunches have them with a 56% advantage at the present time. 

My questions to you with the knowledge that we still have three big games left that play a significant role in our season success story. If we didn't make it to the Orange Bowl: 

1. Does the bowl game matter? Or just the bowl win?

2. Does regular season wins mean more than a bowl win?

3. Is it some special combination that you'll mark as success? If so, what?