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Georgia Tech vs. Duke: It's Just Been One Of Those Weeks I Guess

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It looks like it's been one of those weeks where 1) it's a big crash after a huge game high and 2) busy work week and 3) happening to multiple people
The combination of the three factors lead to a slow blog week and post day. 

Georgia Tech plays Duke tomorrow at 12:30 on ESPN3 in Durham, NC - Hooray live streaming on big TVs - thank you Xbox Live.

1. Anyone going? I know OrientalNC will be one.

2. Duke has beaten us down every few years but under Paul Johnson, they've never been able to hold up against us which is good. The week before georgie, I don't mind playing to keep us fresh.

3. This game is a big mental one as I don't want to see the players go through similar slow-downs as the blog has this week. With georgie on the horizon, it will be easy to look ahead, make mistakes, and not be crisp. We need to be crisp and prepared for anybody.

4. Finally, let's get this weekend over with safely and move on to what we really have to do. BEAT georgie.