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Quick Thoughts on Loss

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We had no answer for Logan Thomas. It took 3-4 defenders to tackle him on every play. It didn't seem like the Hokies really planned for Thomas to run like he did, they just kinda realized early in the game that he could truck all of our defenders one on one.
The secondary had a rough night. We gave up some uncharacteristically big plays but that's probably a mixture of poor play up front as well as poor positioning in the secondary. The front 7 got almost no pressure all night on Logan Thomas. It seemed like our only blitzes that landed home were the run blitzes.

On the other hand, I don't think our offense played that bad until about 9 minutes left. The Hokies never really had an answer for the running game and I was sad to see our aversion for the toss sweep as the game progressed. I felt like Roddy and Embry could've probably had more carries seeing as the Hokies really keyed on Orwin Smith on the edge.
Tevin had an okay night. It really just kinda broke apart when we expected our B-back and OL to form a pocket. We have no pass protection on obvious passing downs so any drop backs over 3 steps resulted in a sack. If not for any other reason than the 2 minute drill, we probably need to add some shotgun just to give our QB time on obvious passing downs. I don't think we should scrap our OL style or rushing attack just to add some super complex passing game but the QB needs more time.

Special Teams
Justin Moore was solid. Punting was rough but it's been rough since Durant Brooks left town. Coverage was actually pretty good considering kick coverage cost us the game last year. We really bottled up David Wilson all game (despite his yardage accumulation) until the fourth quarter. Attaouchu's penalty seemed to really take the fire out of the defense.

What do you all think?