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Off-week ramblings

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Since we are off this week and kicked our friends from SC back up I-85, I think it's time to lean back in our collective recliners and relax.  So, here are a few tidbits to stimulate the mind.  No politics in the comments, please:

Here are some wonderful sports links to fill our time this week. 

Start with Chris Brown's wonderful blog, Smart Football.   I check it every day and think I am now smarter as a fan.

Here is a story about conference expansion with some dark thoughts for the NCAA to consider.

I find myself on the opposite side of this argument, but the Sports Law Blog has an interesting story from yesterday about majors for college athletes.

I am not sure if I really care who wins this game, but the News & Observer has a nice story about the UNC versus NC State game.  I found it interesting that Butch Davis, who was hired to make UNC a football powerhouse, failed so miserably against his main rival.  Especially when you remember that the Wolfpack was somewhere south of wonderful themselves.

Lastly, part of road to the ACCCG is our next game with VPI.  We also need UVA to lose.  I seriously doubt the Cavaliers will win out, but when will the Hoos lose?  They play Maryland this week and are favored.  Next up is Duke.  We could have some nail biting weekends in late November even if we beat the Hokies.