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Georgia Tech vs. Clemson: Somehow I Knew It Would Be Like This

   Ok, well maybe not as dominating as it was. But the thought of losing three games in a row, the third being a home loss, against undefeated Clemson, just didn't seem realistic. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets held the ball for 39 minutes, 65% of the football game. Contrast that with Miami (29'24") and Virginia (29'59") and you understand how big of a deal that statistic really is.

The victory over Clemson allows Tech to still have a chance to claim the Coastal Division title and its respective spot in Charlotte for the ACC Championship Game with a victory over Virginia Tech. THAT situation is nothing new to either team as the winner from that game as gone on to ACCCG since expansion first took place. (Virginia also needs to lose one more time.)

Offsides penalty: That was just dumb. In fact, the ACC confirmed the goof.

The ACC confirmed Sunday that Clemson defensive tackle Rennie Moore was offsides on a goal-line play in the third quarter of Georgia Tech’s 31-17 win over the Tigers Saturday. On the play, Moore split two Tech linemen and forced and recovered a fumble of quarterback Tevin Washington, ending the Yellow Jackets’ drive at the Clemson 3-yard line. - Ken Sugiura

Saturday night was a great feeling. The Jackets played tough and did what they had to do. Now it's time to take a bye week, get some rest, and bring on the Hokies!

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