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How long does it take to dispatch a Georgia Tech opponent?

GT gives up about 0.45 points per minute in football game.
GT gives up about 0.45 points per minute in football game.

Tech has played 4 I-A opponents now: Middle Tennessee, Kansas, UNC, and NC State. Those four teams have averaged 27.4 minutes TOP per game and have scored 0.98 points per minute of possession against the Georgia Tech defense. Based on that information, we can devise a formula based on the game's instantaneous margin and Georgia Tech's average drive length of 206 seconds.


Based on this fairly simple calculation, we can review all four of our I-A opponents and figure out exactly when GT put them away. Against Middle Tennessee, Georgia Tech held a 28 point margin with 10:45 to play in the 2nd quarter (Middle Tennessee theoretically could have only scored 18.34 more points). That's right, GT put Middle Tennessee away after about one quarter of football.

Kansas had more scrap. GT didn't mathematically eliminate the Jayhawks until the 22nd second of the second half when Embry Peeples took a pitch 63 yards to the house. Kansas could've only managed 13.34 points and GT held a 14 point lead after the PAT.

UNC and NC State were real barn burners. GT should've put UNC away at the end of the 3rd quarter when they took a 14 point lead with 1:26 left in the third quarter but UNC outpaced their fellow GT I-A opponents and came back. After we scored our final TD, UNC could've only managed 2.40 points in the final 5 minutes and 20 seconds of the game. It was mathematically too much for the Heels to deal with. Unfortunately for them, they had already pulled their rabbit out of their baby blue hat.

NC State put up the best fight thus far against Tech. They were not mathematically knocked out until 3 minutes and 31 seconds into the fourth quarter. Orwin's two yard counter was just enough to put Tech ahead for good against State.