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Week 9 Blogpoll Draft

This is what a drop in rankings looks like... (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
This is what a drop in rankings looks like... (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)
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This week's blogpoll draft is brought to you by: Georgia Tech no longer being ranked... Sadness. Seriously though, South Carolina is in such a rough state that they dropped 6 places in our draft without playing a snap this weekend. At least we got knocked down the old fashioned way. I tried to be reasonable. If you lost, you dropped 5-6 slots. Arkansas basically lost to Ole Miss so I dropped them. Here are Jesse and OrientalNC's thoughts:
Jesse: My top nine are the same with the exception of moving OKST ahead of Standford and Boise St. After that I dropped us to 18th, moved VPI up to 14th, dropped USF completely and added Michigan St at 21st. Also note that I only dropped Florida a few spots and it's because I believe they are a better team than they showed against Auburn. It's hard to win against LSU, Alabama, and Auburn with your back-up QB's.

Honestly, I struggle with placing some teams because we're starting to get into some circular "Team-A beat Team-B beat Team-C beat Team-A" type logic. So later this week I'm going to take some time to go through each team's schedule, box scores, etc, and attempt to completely re-evaluate my rankings from scratch.
Oriental: Except for LSU and Alabama, I do not have any confidence about my rankings. It's a shame these two cannot go undefeated and play for the championship. I elevated Clemson and VPI, and dumped us out of the rankings. At this point I hope we can beat Duke. All the other teams on our sked are ranked and will probably beat us. Personally, I am glad we don't have to play Kansas again.