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Calvin "Megatron" Johnson, Georgia Tech

Ball from under center...sets, throws, Johnson's there...It is CAUGHT! Touchdown Calvin Johnson! Son of a Gun! He has absolutely lived up to the legendary billing! And with 11 seconds left, Georgia Tech has taken the lead! - Wes Durham, 2004 @ Clemson

Let's run down some Georgia Tech accolades: 178 career receptions, 28 career receiving touchdowns, 2,927 career receiving yards, 13 one hundred yard receiving games including a streak of 30 straight games with a reception, the 2004 ACC Rookie of the Year Award, the 2006 ACC Player of the Year Award, and the 2006 Fred Biletnikoff Award. Calvin Johnson is easily one of if not the best player in Georgia Tech's storied football history. Despite leaving Georgia Tech a year early, he is still first or second in every major receiving statistic in the Georgia Tech annals. What most Tech fans who were familiar with the program remember the most about Calvin during his 2004-2006 tenure was not the unbreakable will, superhuman work ethic, or neverending highlight reel, Tech fans remember the solid character.

Calvin Johnson attended Sandy Creek High School located only 24 miles from Downtown Atlanta. Johnson's #81 was retired in 2010 thanks in part to him leading Sandy Creek to their first ever regional title. Due to his deep Georgia roots, it's no surprise that Johnson still gives back to the Atlanta community. The Calvin Johnson, Jr. Foundation gives out 6 scholarships to Atlanta high school athletes annually, donates toys to children of inmates at the Metro Atlanta Transitional Women's Center, and provides other donations and support to multiple Atlanta charities throughout the year including the Youth Enhancement Services. Calvin's adopted City of Detroit is no different. His foundation supports children in less fortunate homes as Calvin has really made it a point to spread his compassion across both Detroit and Atlanta.

Calvin's first major endeavor into humanitarianism started in 2006. When given the opportunity to work with two separate construction projects, he chose a project working towards more sanitary latrines in Bolivia over a luxury condo project.
...the two hammered out a final design with Caravati. The goal was to create an improved solar latrine out of the most affordable and available materials. The interior needed to be heated at a minimum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit to kill pathogens, and the design and materials had to be as simple and as cost effective as possible.

Yes, Georgia Tech's most popular NFL alum is nicknamed after a super-villain but Calvin is anything but. Tech fans have enjoyed watching Calvin on the field but more importantly have enjoyed hearing about his philanthropy off the field. Megatron is the definition of what the Institute wants out of their student athletes when they finally leave campus.

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