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BlogPOLOL Draft Week 6

This poll comprised OrientalNC and my polls as I had to go to a conference on Monday and was concerned with being able to submit the most up to date draft. I will make sure the final has Wofo and Jesse28's polls included.

My thoughts are simple. I think there are 6 teams in the elite and a bunch of teams below that. Bama, LSU, Oklahoma, Stanford, Boise, and Wisconsin should all have a shot for the national championship if they go undefeated. After having watched them all dispatch with all of their opponents with relative ease, I think it's safe to say they are all a cut above the rest (bottom 19).
Oriental: I kept LSU #1, but flipped Bama and Oklahoma, and also Boise and Wisconsin. I bet the State folks are wondering if maybe Spring Practice is not all that important after all. Nebraska and Texas A&M dropped out of my Top Ten for obvious reasons. I left us at number 14. I am not sure this game showed any improvement other than a W where an L could have been against a better team.