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Blogpoll Week 8 Finale

Jesse tells us about his logic behind his individual ballot...
Jesse28: Mine are in now. I record most of the games I get through Comcast on Saturdays with two dvr's and end up watching some of them twice, once late Saturday night and once on Sunday. I try to that is.

My top nine are the same with the exception of moving OKST ahead of Standford and Boise St. After that I dropped us to 18th, moved VPI up to 14th, dropped USF completely and added Michigan St at 21st. Also note that I only dropped Florida a few spots and it's because I believe they are a better team than they showed against Auburn. It's hard to win against LSU, Alabama, and Auburn with your back-up QB's.

Honestly, I struggle with placing some teams because we're starting to get into some circular "Team-A beat Team-B beat Team-C beat Team-A" type logic. So later this week I'm going to take some time to go through each team's schedule, box scores, etc, and attempt to completely re-evaluate my rankings from scratch.