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BlogPoll Week 8 Draft

I'm not really sure what to say about Tech after this weekend. I think we still have a good shot against VPI, Clemson, and Duke but I'm terribly worried about Miami and Georgie. The two power running teams with bigass D-lines. I feel like Clemson will be a MD-CU shootout type game and VPI will just come down to who has the ball last like it has the past 3 seasons. Duke is Dook. Miami pounded us last year and Georgie is like a carbon copy of Miami so... here are OrientalNC's thoughts:
I moved us down considerably. I have seen this coming and hope the reality is now more clearly seen by the team. The phone-in games will no longer cut it. Tevin was the key to our wins by huge margins early and now he is one of the reasons we are floundering. It doesn't help that he has opposing linemen in his face on almost every play, but he was not sharp. My top teams are holding steady. In the ACC, I moved VPI up a bunch. Beamer fixed whatever happened against Clemson. And, Manuel returning to form has put FSU back in my list.