The best traveling team (or biggest draw) in the ACC is...

I was thinking about our attendance problem and I decided to look at another angle. I wanted to see if Georgia Tech was drawing bigger crowds at road venues now that we're running the option. I pulled 2008-2011 attendance averages for our ACC opponents. Their overall average attendance was hurt on average by Georgia Tech visiting their venue by 57 fans. And a major contributor was the torrential downpour that occurred prior to the 2009 UVA game (-4,970 off their average 2009 attendance). If we take that game out of the equation, Tech yielded a benefit of 353 fans per game on our ACC road trips.

The amazingly proud traveling Hokie fans racked up an amazing +2,024 fans per road trip for their hosts. This blew Clemson and Miami out of the water (+213 and +617, respectively).

But the King Ding-a-lings of ACC road warriors were the Florida State Seminoles. The 'Noles netted opponents on average 5,578 more fans per game than season attendance averages. Big contributors were 2008 and 2010 Miami games where the 'Noles added 20k to the sparsely packed Miami stadiums. Even if you factor out the two Miami games, the 'Noles still netted 3,005 more fans than teams averaged since 2008. The massive Seminole fan base combined with the '90's mystique has to be the root cause. Any thoughts?

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