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Georgia Tech-UVA Preview of Doomsdayhappiness

Are you ready to get another moral defeat? That's Virginia. Tech fans are depressed. Virginia fans are generally concerned about being destroyed by Tech while Tech fans are moping about margins of victory, passing efficiency, and penalties.

I don't know if anyone realizes this but Tech is a top 15 passing defense with 7 picks and 15 sacks already. We only had 17 sacks and 8 interceptions in all of 2010. The secondary is playing very well. We're getting beat up on the ground but we're finally getting the momentum changing plays out of our defense that we've been lacking since the Dave W reign began.

No matter how you slice, we're not doing that bad on offense either. Over the course of the season we're #1 in 3rd down conversions (ahead of Wisconsin!) and we've only lost 5 fumbles as opposed to 20 in 2010. That's a 45% decrease in fumbles lost per game... Nice.

So looking at that info, let's look at the Wahoos. UVA is the 3rd best ACC squad in terms of total yards allowed per game. They've been equally effective at slowing the run and pass with their relatively rugged secondary featuring Chase Minnifield.

The issue for the 'Hoos has been the offense's lack of consistency. They're only converting 40% of their 3rd down attempts and are only scoring around 3 and half TD's per I-A game. They pile up the yardage but have struggled immensely with turnovers. Only FSU has a worse turnover margin in the ACC. Look for some ducks fluttering from their QB's arm on Saturday.

There's not much to say about UVA. They are a very middle of the road to below average squad. They've struggled with a lot of subpar competition this season. Tech should easily handle them. They aren't Kansas bad but they aren't nearly as good as NC State. Despite Tech's miscues and frustrating play as of late, I don't see Tech leaving with anything less than a 14 point victory. Tech 35-UVA 13.