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Orwinning: Why Tech should abandon the forward pass...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to present a simple case for you all. I believe Georgia Tech needs to abandon the forward pass for the rest of the season for the following reasons: 1) We want to break the 8 year sub-50% passer streak that started Reggie Ball's freshman season, 2) Passing is for whipper snappers and West Coasters, and 3) Our slotback Orwin Smith is much more effective on the ground than our passing game is through the air.

Point #1 is an odd trivia question you'd hear at a Mellow Mushroom trivia night. No team is even close to this number. Georgia Tech has yet to field a primary quarter who could complete half of his throws since Reggie Ball was 18 years old. That's 920 misfires from 2004-2010 between Reggie Ball, Taylor Bennett, and Josh Nesbitt. If we had completed half of those incompletions during that stretch, I'd venture to say that Tech would've won at least one more ACC Title and beaten Georgie one or two more times. Tech needs a >50% passer. So let's stop at 50.7% just to end the streak.

Point #2. We're in the South. We're an old school fan base. We've got the option in our blood going back to Bobby Dodd and Pepper Rodgers. Let's just keep the ball on the ground.

Orwin Smith. Orwin is averaging 14.45 yards per carry. The passing game is only averaging 14.15 yards per attempt. Orwin Smith has been tackled for a loss twice in 33 carries while the passing game has failed to net a single yard 40 times (51.9% of the time). We've thrown two picks in 77 drop backs while Orwin has only fumbled once but it was recovered by GT. Orwin has netted a first down on 67% of his carries while the passing game only yields a first down 39% of the time. Orwin has doubled up the passing games touchdowns per attempt as well. So here is the plan. Double Orwin's load and distribute the rest of the pass attempts amongst the B-Backs and slotbacks and on wide receiver reverses./sarcasm

Actually this whole rant was focused on showing how critical Orwin Smith has been to this team. I think we really need to not necessarily drop the passing game but definitely include Orwin in more run plays. He's kicking ass and the stats don't lie. Any thoughts?