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Georgia Tech Hoops: Iman Shumpert chasing 1,000 career points

I checked the career scoring record for Tech hoops players to see where Iman would end up by the season's end. Currently, he's at 948 career points. He'll need 4 more games to make it into the 1,000 point club at his current scoring rate. There are actually several thousand point career players during the Hewitt Era: Tony Akins (1,658), B.J. Elder (1,616), Anthony Morrow (1,400), Marvin Lewis (1,396), Alvin Jones (1,312), Jarrett Jack (1,265), and Lewis Clinch (1,048). If Shumpert keeps up his 16.8 points per game and Tech plays the fewest possible games, he'll finish the season with ~1,149 points. If Shumpert completes his senior season at the same scoring pace, he'll pass Morrow on Hewitt's thousand point scoring list and would end his career around the 16th-17th most prolific scorer in Tech history.