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Georgia Tech defeats Hokies with inspired home effort, 72-57

Iman Shumpert brought the flint, Brian Oliver brought the steel, and Seth Greenberg's zone was the tinder. Tech struggled early against the Hokies but Paul Hewitt made some interesting adjustments to Seth Greenberg's zone and really made the Hokies pay.

Iman produced Tech's third ever triple-double as he racked up 11 assists, 12 rebounds, and 22 points against a streaking Hokie squad. Brian Oliver was the primary beneficiary of Seth Greenberg's zone. Tech's wings would draw the defense away and Oliver piled up 28 points with mid to long range jumpers.

The Hokies seemed content to run a transition offense against one of the best transition teams in the ACC. This was all in despite of their effectiveness in the half court offense. Tech struggled all night against the Hokie big men as Victor Davila and Jeff Allen accounted for 31 of the Hokies' 57 points and 18 of the Hokie boards.

Paul Hewitt's philosophy of harassing an opposing star guard with constant pressure paid off. Malcolm Delaney was effectively taken out of the game and this was a noticeable bane for the Hokie second half effort. Delaney had a 5:8 assist:turnover ratio and only scored 8 points despite averaging a 5:2.2 ratio in his five previous ACC contests.

I'll admit I was impressed with the Jackets efforts and CPH's coaching. Hewitt found a weakness in the Hokies and Greenberg never reacted or just didn't have the personnel to react. Tech's victory of the Hokies will hopefully give us a little momentum going into Sunday's game against a tough Maryland Terp squad. And I personally think when we reflect on Hewitt's best all-time players, Iman will be considered Hewitt's third or fourth best player ever. What do you all think about last night's effort? Did you watch the whole game or fall asleep at the half like most of the East Coast?