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Stephon Tuitt Is A Wishy-Washy Flip Flopper

With approximately two weeks until National Signing Day, Stephon Tuitt, the nationally ranked 22nd best defensive end in the country, de-comitted from Notre Dame and decided to sign on with Paul Johnson and Georgia Tech.

What are you saying about Tuitt? Still GT, right? RT @JNewbergESPN: Musical chairs at ND. Now Tuitt is back in.less than a minute ago via yoono


Last night suddenly, it was reported tha Tuitt pulled yet another switch, dropped Georgia Tech, and joined back up with Notre Dame.Multiple  sources have reported the story ranging from South Bend beat writers to the ESPN recruiting blogger.

"I feel like I got some things off my chest," Tuitt told Irish Sports Daily. "Some things about the college and some of the little things and big things. They answered all my questions. I finally have some closure. I'm 100 percent."

Stephon Tuitt is not the first to de-commit / lose a scholarship and he surely won't be the last. Two names come to mind in Donte Aycock and Cedric Everson. Neither turned out to be worth much discussion. Auburn dismissed Aycock and Cedric Everson couldn't seem to stay in one school for more than a year before going elsewhere, landing at Iowa State Iowa and finishing his potential with legal trouble. Clearly in both instances, Georgia Tech ended up on the right side of the line.

"He is done with recruiting," Tamara Tuitt said Wed night.The DE from Monroe, Ga., is ranked as the No. 22 player nationally by than a minute ago via web


This Stephon Tuitt drama is an annoyance because recruiting drama is manufactured drama. It's too much. With or without him we will max out our recruiting class and be successful. However, at this rate will anyone be surprised if he waffles again?

Wes Durham said it best once:

"Tell me when they [recruits] get on the field[for the Jackets] [first and then I'll worry about them."

As a final least Vad Lee gets it.

Yup I heard its true about Tuitt..... Parents shouldn't make their child decision! Thankful for the parents that I have!less than a minute ago via txt