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Can The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets Start Some Winning Ways Against Wake Forest?

Winfield's rolling thoughts....BLEHAGHH!

Georgia Tech plays tonight against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons in Alexander Memorial Coliseum tonight at 7pm on ESPN. In a year of surely up-and-down play, we feel we must ask "What Georgia Tech team will come out and play tonight?" Iman Shumpert has continued to play with his hair on we need another Glen Rice Jr performance to keep us in the game? Will Wake Forest's rough season mean a victory against the Yellow Jackets? Nobody can answer these questions because nobody is sure about anything with the Yellow Jackets.

What we can tell you is that while Georgia Tech is second-to-last in the ACC, Wake Forest is dead last. At 0-3 in the conference, they are getting closer to being desperate for that first conference victory. Georgia Tech fans must not give their hopes up because of one solid performance. Georgia Tech basketball must take advantage of that solid performance and grow from it, improve on it, and start something that hasn't happened since 2 games in a row.