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How did we beat UNC last night?

1. Consistent energy. We never took our foot off the gas scoring 33 in the first half and scoring 45 in the second half. Our shooting percentage improved as our confidence grew throughout the game.

2. Assist:Turnover Ratio. Our three primary handlers (Udofia, Shumpert, and Miller) had an 8:5 assist:turnover ratio.

3. Glen Rice found the 3-ball. We needed a second scorer besides Iman last night and Rice really stepped up particularly on the long ball.

4. Physical defense. Tech fouled UNC players 3 more times than the Heels fouled Tech. We also had 5 blocks and 13 steals! I mentioned earlier last week that we needed to keep UNC below 75 and the game would be ours. That turned out to be very prophetic.

5. Roy Williams is cursed in Atlanta. He has a 2-6 record against Hewitt in the Thrillerdome.

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