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Georgia Tech Football Postmortem

As the BCS National Championship closed out the 2010 football season closed last night (Good Night Moon), I felt a tinge of sadness as my favorite sport came to a sudden end. 2009 was a long, drawn out season. It contained a road-trip month of death in October and I guess when you win almost all the time, it adds to the enjoyment. 2010 was exactly the opposite. If Georgia Tech was ever a blip on the screen this past year it was for all the wrong reasons: reigning ACC Champions losing to Kansas, getting blown out to Miami, and barely beating Wake Forest. If anything, the season was so incredibly miserable from a standards point of view that no one from the outside Georgia Tech Football world will remember it.

Rough season or not, memories still remain.Two main memories will stick in my mind for a long time:

1. Sweeping the regular season

I was a freshman in 2005 and my first game was the road game against Auburn. In 2006, I missed 1 game. In 2007 I missed 1 game. In 2008 I missed 2 games, in 2009 1 game. When would it end? My first alumni season, when the Jackets went 6-6. Call it a personal goal of mine, but mission accomplished.

2. Joshua Nesbit: The Player, The Warrior, And The Way He Went Out

In the game that was arguably our best game played this year, in Blacksburg, VA, we saw Joshua Nesbitt, our warrior, run his last play every in a Yellow Jacket uniform. It wasn't the way he was supposed to go out. He was supposed to will us to a victory, and make grown men cry at his sheer willpower to carry the team and the fanbase on his back. Instead, he bowed out in the same way the season ended: completely unexpected.

3. A Losing Record

The most disappointment part of the 2010 season was the Yellow Jackets reaching a level that we never stooped to under Chan Gailey. The last time Georgia Tech had a losing record was in 1996 under George O'Learly when he was cleaning up the mess that B*** L**** left behind. It's even more frustrating to see the losing come from our God-send of a football coach. The improvements are large and looming but the responsibilities lie on our side. They are fixable.

This season, this god-awful forgotten season, will be passed by others, far worse and surely far better. But memories and thoughts may still remain. What are some of your top memories of 2010 Georgia Tech football?

233 days until football season...