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ACC vs. SEC Football: Team Performances in Conference Rivalry Games

Since Auburn is playing today and they're a member of the SEC, I felt like breaking down the ACC's performance against the SEC since 1994 (George O'Leary's first Georgie game). Below is a pretty simple chart. It shows every ACC team's winning percentage against teams from the SEC and who all they've played. I color coded whether or not the games were scheduled or bowl games since this has lead to some confusion lately:


Out of the ACC, Clemson has played the most SEC teams (8) and has also played the most SEC OOC games (30). However, Georgia Tech tied Clemson with most scheduled SEC opponents (4) since 1994. Boston College has put the least amount of effort into tangling with the SEC mouth-breathers as their only happenstance with the SEC was Vanderbilt's bowl game in 2008. Since 1933, Boston College has only scheduled 26 games with SEC opponents (one game every three years).

The SEC side of the coin (the acid burned side, if you will) is pretty similar to the ACC's. Few teams have ventured across state lines to face ACC teams. Ole Miss is like the SEC's Boston College. They accidentally scheduled Wake Forest in two regular season games (2006 and 2008). Otherwise, Ole Miss has only played one other ACC team ever and that was Maryland in the ACC's inaugural 1953 season.


Despite the SEC critics stating the SEC fears tough regular season OOC match ups, the SEC does have some relatively adventurous squads. Alabama and South Carolina lead the way in terms of scheduling ACC teams (4) while Georgie has played the most ACC OOC games (26) since 1994.

Any thoughts out there in TV Land? Go DUCKS!