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Week 2 BlogPoll

Winfield traded me Boise State's #1 ranking for Ohio State's #3 ranking. I felt like the Buckeyes deserved a ranking above the Hawkeyes while Winfield felt the Broncos deserved the #1 overall spot considering they played and defeated the toughest opponent in Week 1.

Tech is still in the Top 10. I don't think GT is quite at the execution level of the top 10 teams but very possibly could ascend into the top 5 by season's end just because of the way our schedule lines up. A 7-0 or 8-0 start is definitely not out of the question for Tech if UNC remains crippled and Clemson continues to lack passion.

Below is a comparison of the Associated Press Composite, Coley Harvey's AP Submission, and From the Rumble Seat's BlogPoll Submission.