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Georgia Tech vs. SCSU Post Game Quick Thoughts

I'm sitting in my apartment watching our game on replay and the Navy vs. Marlyand game on the TV and it's interesting to see the two triple option attacks going on at the same time. The same, yet different and I sure would like to see a Georgia Tech vs. Navy out-of-conference matchup.

Labor Day Weekend delayed some things this week as Sunday was an extended day of recovery as well as out of towners were still stumbling around the place. Plus, my brain wasn't working properly, what you would have seen yesterday would have been complete drivel. Here are the quick thoughts:

  • Great crowd on hand for a 1pm game against a 1-AA opponent. The tailgating scene was impressive as well. This is what winning does for you, it gets people excited. Keep up the good work fans!
  • A lot of our big and successful runs came from outside with just OK production coming up the middle. The Bulldogs keyed in on Anthony Allen (6 carries 28 yards). For this game, it's fine since SCSU was the inferior opponent. But gotta make sure we can take care of business in all aspects come bigger competition.
  • Better offensive production comes from better offensive line play
  • Passing: Nesbitt goes 1/6 for 8 yards. Tevin 1/2.
  • Rushing: Joshua Nesbitt sure looks good as he runs the ball. Overall, 12 players ran with the ball. I like to see good distribution!
  • Defense: We still need work. SCSU ran the ball well up the middle against it and we gave up ground in front of us too easily.

We travel to these games a lot which is why you see bullet points and quick thoughts for the post game. What are your quick thoughts about Georgia Tech vs. South Carolina State?