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Sunday Linkage: South Carolina State Post Mortem

Let's hit up the official news sources for some post game reading. The Orangeburg Times and Democrat has a plethora of articles about the game. According to the T&D, head coach Buddy Pough was happy the Bulldogs scored a touchdown against Tech. The Bulldogs actually played our option fairly well but defenders knew that missing an assignment or tackle would lead to big plays especially against Josh Nesbitt. The Bulldogs feature back, Asheton Jordan, picked up 129 yards on the ground. David Sims, Tech's C team QB, showed some wheels in a couple of drives for Tech.

Atlanta's AJC reviews the game. Check out the AJC Tech section for a ton of articles about individual players.

Coley Harvey, of the Macon Telegraph, says the players were disatisfied with the win over the Bulldogs. Check out the Macon Telegraph Tech Talk section for more news as it rolls in.