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GT losing its second conference game...

...doesn't indicate a win or loss in its third game of the ACC slate. GT is 8-8-1 in their third conference tilt following a loss in the second game of the ACC season. In seasons where GT won the first ACC game and lost the second, GT is 3-4-1. In both of Paul Johnson's previous seasons, GT won the first ACC game, lost the second ACC game, and won the third conference game. Check out the odd parallels:

2008 - Defeated BC by 3 points, Lost to VT, blew out Duke
2009 - Defeated Clemson by 3 points, Lost to Miami, blew out UNC
2010 - Defeated UNC by 6 points, Lost to NC State, Wake Forest???

I'm not predicting a big win against Wake but based on two previous seasons, we may be expecting Hell raining down on Winston-Salem come Saturday.