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Monday Preliminary BlogPoll

Bird: I'm giving Miami a little street cred for pounding the Big East. Arkansas was a conservative playcall away from upsetting the #1 team so they don't get hurt too bad. I am wholeheartedly impressed with the West Coast conferences (MWC and Pac 10). I definitely believe Oregon, Stanford, or Arizona or someone like that should play in the BCS Title Game. Troy Smith 2.0 doesn't deserve a shot at it and neither does the Big 12, Big East, or the ACC.

Winfield: Number 1 is clearly Alabama as they demonstrated why on Saturday vs. Arkansas. Even then I don't think the Razorbacks should get hit too hard after a pretty good effort against the Tide. The rest of the Top 10 continues to shuffle around back-and-forth because of easy cupcake wins or narrow victories. Hello Nevada! And I think NCSU looked pretty good on Saturday so they jump up as well. Texas looked like total crap so they plummet. Thoughts?