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Georgia Tech vs. NC State: Monday Quick Thoughts


I don't post anything on Sundays because I am working on this year being more objective in my thoughts with a little less emotion. Rants and raves feel good (a little) but they don't get you anywhere.

From a Mark Bradley article Sunday:

Tech fans already are all over Groh, but the man who worked under the Bills Parcells and Belichick didn’t forget how to draw a 3-4. There’s just no Lawrence Taylor to wreak the off-the-corner havoc that a 3-4 demands. (Jefferson, who had two of Tech’s three sacks, is a middle linebacker.) And there’s nothing Groh or Johnson can do to turn one of these Jackets into a Hall of Famer.

Groh: "There’s no supermarket we can go down to and buy new players. This is our team as constituted."

That's reality and it's what we have to expect for this season. I said last week after the North Carolina game that it was these type of sloppy and error-prone victories that we were all going to have to learn to accept and I thought it was going to happen all over again when Jerrard Tarrant had his pick-6 interception.Unfortunately it was just a tease.

We simply don't have the players who can bail us out this year in times of trouble (see especially Demaryius Thomas and Derrick Morgan) and who were able to mask any shortcomings in our game because of their obvious NFL-abilities. What we have now are replacements, talented yes, but game-changers not yet.

Defensively, we don't have the personnel. What we thought was a defense that could only improve from last year is actually a defense made up of players that just don't seem to fit the needs. The well-oiled machine that was the offense of 2009 has not arrived as we thought it would for 2010.So it's time to adjust (for this year) and keep our expectations for the program as a whole where they have been (high). It's just going to be one of those years and it could get rough.

Oh, and please, no more of those gold uniforms. Absolutely awful.

What are your thoughts?