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Preliminary BlogPoll Week 4

Bird: Acedarney is not gonna be happy with us this week. Five teams moved 5 or more spots in our rankings as I completely reevaluated every team in the poll.

Winfield: Now that most teams have about 3 games under their belt, I have completely scrapped my old ballot and have done my best to start over so there's a lot of movement. Let's be honest, the top 10 is what really matters and after that's its still a mess, a real crapshoot. I haven't seen anyone who can really hang with or beat Alabama, they stay at number 1. Oregon and Ohio State could be swapped for #2 or #3 but with the Ducks just straight up dropping points from every angle and that dismantling of Tennessee two weeks ago, they get the 2 spot. Stanford gets a big push up to the top 10 because they just look disgusting good as they shut out UCLA and wiped the floor with Wake Forest....Some other people may raise their eyebrows with Texas dropping in my mind to 11 but they aren't winning with enough style points in my mind to give them much credit. Erase the name "Texas" and look at their scores and who they play and you wouldn't give them much thought.