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I-AA Football Opponents at Bobby Dodd Stadium

Panthers break it down during a break in the Dome (PantherTalk.Com)
Panthers break it down during a break in the Dome (PantherTalk.Com)

Georgia State kicks off their inaugural season next Thursday Night at the Georgia Dome. It'll be the sixteenth I-AA game played in Atlanta since 2000. All other games featuring I-AA squads have been against Tech at Bobby Dodd Stadium or the Atlanta Football Classic.

The average attendance for a Tech home game since 2003 has been 50,131 people (91% capacity). Since 2001, Tech hasn't sold out any of its seven I-AA games with an average attendance of only 44,158 fans (80% capacity). Tech's first I-AA opponent of the 2000's was Citadel in 2001 followed by three games against Samford from 2004-2007. Jacksonville State visited BDS in 2008 and 2009. And Gardner-Webb, of course, was the worst win of the 2000's...

The average score for a I-AA game at Bobby Dodd Stadium since 2001 has been 37 to 10 as Georgia Tech has had relative ease dispatching I-AA's minus Gardner-Webb. The average temperature of I-AA kickoffs has been in the mid 80's so it hasn't been great football weather, which probably attributed to the lull in attendance as well. An average kickoff time of 3PM isn't too bad.

What do you think about I-AA opponents? Do you go to Tech vs. I-AA games? Do you hate early kickoffs or hot August/early September kickoffs? Are you going to the First Georgia State football game of all time?