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Georgia Tech-North Carolina Post Game Linkages

Here are some quotes and links from the official news outlets:
The team that got overrun at the end by Kansas last week in Lawrence? Those weren’t these Yellow Jackets as driven by this coach. Those were impostors. Here on Saturday we saw … well, let’s let the coach express it. - Mark Bradley, AJC
For the second straight game, North Carolina had the ball and a chance to win on its final offensive possession.
For the second straight game, UNC couldn't quite pull out a win. Georgia Tech rushed for 449 yards and got three field goals from Scott Blair to beat UNC 30-24 at Kenan Stadium on Saturday. - J.P. Giglio, News & Observer
Doug Roberson has a bunch of quotes on the AJC site from players and coaches post game.
Don't fall asleep on Georgia Tech just yet. - Lexington Herald
Down six points with the ball in his hands, T.J. Yates liked North Carolina's chances of beating Georgia Tech. - J.P. Giglio, News & Observer