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Georgia Tech vs. North Carolina Link Dump

Lots of stuff to read up on in anticipation of this very crucial football game tomorrow at noon.

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Coley Harvey

Jackets in search for players to take over - Georgia Tech -
For the past two seasons, it worked like clockwork. Caught in a jam? Need a big first-down or better yet, a touchdown? Just call Demaryius Thomas....not anymore.

Still no word on potential depth chart changes - Georgia Tech -
Paul Johnson played his starting card close to his chest Wednesday afternoon and declined to reveal what changes might be coming to his offensive and defensive units in time for Saturday’s ACC opener at North Carolina.

Zenon takes winding road to Georgia Tech - Georgia Tech -
Georgia Tech freshman Tony Zenon knows the obscure route between New Orleans and Albany all too well. A former Hurricane Katrina evacuee, his life has taken enough turns and detours in the past five years that he could write a book. The Yellow Jackets A-back, a likely redshirt, joined this season after a dominating high school career at Deerfield-Windsor. The Telegraph caught up with Zenon recently to talk about his journey:

Doug Robers/ Matt Winklejohn/ Tony Barnhardt

Tech offense, defense prepare differently  |
There’s a bigger difference between Georgia Tech’s offensive and defensive philosophies than the obvious.

Georgia Tech-North Carolina preview  |
Doug Roberson talks GT vs. UNC

Georgia Tech wants to go deep at UNC  |
Georgia Tech defensive end Emmanuel Dieke will be available to play Saturday at North Carolina after missing the first two games with a shoulder injury, although coach Paul Johnson has said there are no guarantees that he will see action.

Georgia and Georgia Tech win because they GOTTA win | Mr. College Football
The Fearless Friday Forecast: 1. Georgia Tech at North Carolina: A sense of urgency has placed itself on the campus of Georgia Tech.

Jason Kirk

Georgia Tech Vs. North Carolina: Game Notes - SB Nation Atlanta