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A-C-Collapse of the Century!

ACC fans just consumed the biggest turd sandwich in the conference's 50+ year history. In Week 1, the conference only lost 2 games (one of which was Boise State's 3 point win). In Week 2, the conference lost all four of its BCS out of conference match ups, a I-AA game, and all but one of its ranked teams for the week 3 poll.

Before I go further, I'd like to include all of our friends.
So, welcome to hell. Were in the 10th circle of hell. This is the season every numskull fan from an opposing team has been waiting for. This is the year we struggle and everyone gets to think is the beginning of the end for our little run of success at football. The big question is whether or not we prove them right. - Gobbler Country
The ACC took a major, major beating on Saturday, but what Hoo fan really cares? We never were looking at a BCS berth and still aren't, really, but between almost winning at USC and watching VT (they lost to James Madison) and the rest of the conference shit the bed (particularly VT, who lost to James Madison), that ACC schedule looks a lot easier to negotiate than it did on Friday. At this point there's nary a game on the docket that looks unwinnable anymore, not even VT, which just lost to James Madison. Lose this battle against USC and still the war looks a lot easier? I'll take it. - From Old Virginia
Florida State went to Norman, Oklahoma with high hopes being the first team to win in Oklahoma since 2005. It left with a beating and lessons it will need to put to use for the rest of the season. Many FSU fans refused to believe this is a rebuilding year for the program. That is no longer in doubt. - Tomahawk Nation
ESPN’s College GameDay will be in Auburn, Alabama for next weekend’s Clemson-Auburn game, it was announced by their Twitter feed earlier today. This will be an opportunity for Clemson to earn another tombstone and do it in front of a national audience. Or they could continue this weekend’s (year’s, decade’s?) string of absolute ACC futility. Last weekend the ACC notched 10 victories, its most ever in one weekend, and this Saturday they really shit the bed, losing to powerhouses like JMU and Kansas. - Block C

If we were to rank the games as far as how adversely the ACC's psyche was bashed, I'd go like this:

#7 Boise State defeats VT - This game's epic display of last minute heroics and first-game-of-the-season excitement has quickly faded into the back burner except for the fans of Boise. Now, their road to the BCS title game looks all but dashed and it probably should be.

#6 LSU defeats UNC - A depleted UNC roster tried its best to upset the worst coached team in the SEC. After narrowly escaping defeat, LSU pounded Vanderbilt as a make up season opener.

#5 Southern Cal defeats UVA - Virginia shouldn't have been within two time zones of Southern Cal let alone two touchdowns. Mike London may actually be a good coach.

#4 Ohio State defeats Miami - Four interceptions is what stands out for me in this game. Jacory Harris, Christian Ponder, and Tyrod Taylor were the ACC's only real Heisman candidates and Harris and the Miami receiving corps just sucked against Ohio State. "The U is back" is literally an annual joke. The ACC picked up an also-ran program that has ZERO facilities that can only match its preseason bravado with an equally epic regular season failure.

#3 Oklahoma defeats FSU - This game was depressing because FSU was QBed by the face of the ACC. Christian Ponder is a senior quarterback that torched the ACC defenses in 2009. Now, we know definitively it wasn't because Ponder was great in 2009, it was because the ACC defenses were anything but.

#2 Kansas defeats GT - I don't want to rehash this game too much because the Atlanta, Kansas City, and Macon papers have covered it just enough. It's just an incredibly disappointing wake up call for the Tech faithful.

#1 James Madison defeats VT - In case anyone wanted to make fun of Georgia Tech for the display of futility in Lawrence, the jokes were quickly redirected when the final tally from Blacksburg was read over the loudspeaker. This now marks the 13th I-AA victory in 160 tries against ACC teams since the 1984 formation of I-AA football.

I'm not here to throw a pity party. I'm not saying that I don't love ACC or Georgia Tech football. I'm just kinda ending any future defense I may have for the ACC as a football conference until WE WIN AN IMPORTANT OUT OF CONFERENCE GAME.

The ACC is officially 0-5 in BCS out of conference games in the 2010's. There are 14 games left to salvage our out of conference record. Do you think there's any redemption for the ACC in 2010? What if Duke upsets Bama or Clemson defeating Auburn?