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Georgia Tech vs. Kansas: My Last Thoughts

The emotions are gone. I'm not really upset anymore. A night in Lawrence, KS will help you out with that problem. Now, reality has set in and it's time for us to look at this game and this season logically. Here are the quick thoughts after looking over the drive charts and reflecting on the game (DVR didn't record).

  • Defensive line: It's an issue of personnel. When your starting nose tackles weighs in at under 300 pounds, it's a tough job out there.
  • Embry Peeples needs to get some tar on his hands like the kid from The Little Giants or Orlando Jones in the Replacements. How deep is he in Paul Johnson's doghouse?
  • 91 yards in penalties will kill you and it killed us!
  • FTRS readers JBar said it perfectly: "I didn't think we'd miss Demaryius Thomas as much as we do now."
  • As written by Coley Harvey, Kansas' no-huddle offense just confounded the Georgia Tech defense.
  • Kicking and punting, WTF?!
  • I enjoy watching Steven Sylvester sack quarterbacks
  • Isaiah Johnson is good. 9 tackles, 5 of them solo with 1 sack. 

Looking forward:

We lost. It's done and it's over. We can still win the ACC, we can still "turn this thing around." What better place to make a statement to the college football world that we are back on track than Chapel Hill, North Carolina? The Tarheels played under-manned against LSU and made it a game. They have a week off and they'll be ready to take us on. With a week to prepare, fix mistakes, and adjust, will we be ready?