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Ladies of Lawrence- Round 2

Bird and Winfield wanted me to write a roadtrip/tailgating story for this weekend... I'm really not feeling it, so here's Round 2 of Girls of Kansas!!!  I apologize if there are any repeats from the last time we did this feature, but then again, y'all really don't care do you?  Let's check out The Ladies of Lawrence (again).  


via NICE!


via Excellent


via Love the farm machinery.


via She was on American Idol!


via I have no idea if these girls are from Kansas... but I sure hope so!

That's enough... I wouldn't want y'all getting in trouble at work for looking at racy photos.  I can promise you that Dane and I will do our best to meet as many as these women as possible during our visit to the midwest.

Anyone else going to Kansas?

Go Jackets!