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Roadtrip Fun. Here's Where I'll Be And Where You Should Be Too

Here is a tentative schedule of where we will be over the weekend. If you run into us, you'll run into the most fun ever.

Friday: Anticipation

Some of us will be arriving into Kansas City in the early afternoon. As we wait for the rest of our group to arrive I will be at the Kansas City Alumni Group's Tailgate.  Here's the information:

Friday Night Meet and Greet
Friday, September 10, 2010

6 to 9 p.m.
Johnny's Tavern
- 1310 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64106
No charge. Pay as you go for food and beverages.
Specials include half price appetizers and $3 Boulevard Pints

More information can be found here on the website as all as information for their pregame tailgate.

Saturday, Oh boy Saturday

I posted a request over at Rock Chalk Talk for info on the pre-game, post-game, and late night scenes. Check out their thread there if you want good input.

As stated in that thread, Louise's West has great Bloody Mary's and you can walk to the stadium from this place. Find us there for pre-game.



Post-Game and Late Night: We'll be somewhere around Massachusetts Street. Look for 6 guys who are obnoxious, loud, sun burnt, and all in Georgia Tech polos. We may have a hint of Bourbon on our breath.


I like this picture and will use every excuse I can to post it because my brother looks gangsta.

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Sunday: Recovery. Back to Atlanta.