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The 2010 Home Opener Depth Chart

This is the depth chart according to most recent AJC and Macon Telegraph reports. The only major difference is that Coley reported Logan Walls will start at NT over T.J. Barnes. At punter, Chandler Anderson and Sean Poole are still competing for a starting position as are Austin Barrick and Nick Claytor at tackle. Jerrard Tarrant is the man at punt returns and he'll be back there again this Fall. Orwin Smith and Daniel McKayhan are going to be returning kickoffs.


Our average experience on starting offense is 3.6 years in college. Our average experience on the second team offense is 3.3 years in college. That's pretty strong. On defense, our average experience on first team is 3.5 years and second team is 3.4 years. To say we are a veteran squad would be a huge understatement.

For comparison's sake, our first and second offensive line averages 284 pounds and features only one 300 pounder while a passing team like FSU features a line that averages 297 pounds on its first two OL's and has six guys over 300 pounds.