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Crazy Bobby Bowden Stats! Dad Gum!

I saw some link about Bobby Bowden's new book and it kinda inspired me to look at my ACC coaching records. FYI, Bobby holds every important ACC record there is - ACC career wins, career ACC titles, ACC winning streak, and so forth. Also note that Bobby is 21st in all time ACC losses at 27.

Basically, I just wanted to look at all of the current ACC coaches, how old they were, and how long it would take them to reach Bobby Bowden's record 117 career ACC wins. The table below shows a coach's current age (Agei), schools he coached at, years head coaching in the ACC, ACC wins, ACC losses, ACC Win %, and ACC wins per year. The final two columns are the years required to tie Bobby Bowden's record at the coach's current ACC wins/year pace and the age he will be when he reaches that point (AgeF).


CPJ only has 17 and a half seasons to catch Papa Bowden's efforts...