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Reader Poll about the Preseason Blogpoll

Alright guys, the Preseason Blogpoll is looming. Winfield, Dane, and myself had a collaborative poll effort last season and it produced some interesting results. This season, Dane is AWOL and I don't really care much for polls so Winfield will handle the submissions. However, for the preseason poll I thought we'd ask you all who deserves to be in the poll. And then from that list we will rank the teams similar to Yahoo's "Who is Better" random match up generator. I'm not sure what methodology Winfield will use for the rest of the season but I figure this is as good as any a method for ranking teams. Below are the teams I think should be included:

ACC: FSU, UNC, GT, VT, Miami
Big 12: Nebraska, OU, Texas
Big East: Pitt
Big 10: Iowa, Ohio State, Penn State, Wisconsin
C-USA: Houston
Independent: Notre Dame
Mountain West: TCU, Air Force, BYU
Pac 10: Oregon, USC, Stanford
SEC: Florida, uga, Alabama, LSU, Arkansas
WAC: Boise State

That's 27 teams thus far. Does anyone deserve to be included in our reader polling system? Does anyone flat out need to be excluded?