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Tuesday Linkage

Around the ACC
Maryland blog, Testudo Times, is finally talking football as they hypothesize the possible head coaching hires if Ralph fails them. You've failed for the last time Coach Friedgen...

Clemson fans are not worried about the recent string of NCAA violations and investigation going on at Auburn with a Lake.

Wake fans do not seem prepared to shift from hoops mode yet.

GT Football Stuff
Derrick Morgan is still not 100% on the field for the Titans despite signing his new deal. Coach Fisher says Morgan has a nagging calf injury that is still being worked out.

Practice tips off Thursday for the reigning ACC Champs. Fan Photo Day is on Saturday from 3-6 pm.

Anthony Allen feels like his experience as an A-back will benefit his transition to B-back. Makes complete sense to me.

Al Groh and the Defense are watching NFL footage to learn the new 3-4.