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Secondary Threat Levels For The Second Half Of The 2010 Season

Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders

Returning Starters: 7 - Antwan Davis (LB), Danny Carmichael (LB), Cam Robinson (LB), Rod Isaac (CB), Alex Suber (CB), Kevin Brown (S), Jeremy Kellem (S)

What makes made(?) MTSU potentially dangerous is/was their quarterback Dwight Dasher, but then the law knocked on his door. While the Blue Raiders return their entire secondary, they depth and power of the Jackets will simply be better.

Threat Level: Low


Clemson Tigers

Returning Starters: 5 - Brandon Maye (WLB), Marcus Gilchrist (CB), DeAndre McDaniel (S), Rashard Hall (S)

Listed Players: DeAndre McDaniel - Jim Thorpe Award Watchlist, Preseason All-ACC

Ohhhhh Clemson! Trying to craft an objective opinion about them is difficult because there is very little respect for the Tigers here on this blog.

DeAndre McDaniel is good and fortunately for us, he's a safety which can neutralize him. In two games last year against Georgia Tech, McDaniel contributed towards a total of only 15 tackles and 2 interceptions (both in the first match-up). With the biggest threat in the deep secondary, do the Tigers pose a threat? The linebackers are young with limited experience with the passing/defensive backs holding the greatest source of influence. The games in 2009 were so close because of our shoddy defense rather than our offense not being able to take advantage. In summary, Run the ball (like we do), and we should be good.

Threat Level: Medium

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

 Returning Starters: 5 - Lyndell Gibson (LB) , Jayron Hosley (CB), Rashad Carmichael (CB),  Davon Morgan (S), Eddie Whitley (S)

Listed Players: Rashad Carmichael -Jim Thorpe Award (Most Outstanding Defensive Back)

What Happened In 2009

Oh, Kam Chancellor. That's right.  This is what is so great about the triple option. Push the DL back, fool the secondary. Touchdown. The Hokies defense under Bud Foster is always a threat and this is no exception. In fact, a Thursday in Blacksburg makes this game even bigger and more dangerous.

Threat Level: High. Foster will have his linebackers ready for an attack come November.

Miami Hurricanes

Returning Starters: 5 - Colin McCarthy (LB), Kylan Robinson (LB), Brandon Harris (CB), DeMarcus Van Dyke (CB), Vaughn Telemague (S)

Listed Players

Allen Bailey - Bednarik Award,

Colin McCarthy- Bednarik Award

Brandon Harris - Bronko Nagurski Award, Jim Thorpe Award, Preseason All-ACC

What Happened In 2009

Our secondary got scorched by Jacorry Harris as he had one of his best games of the season. In a seemingly rare occasion, Georgia Tech threw for more yards than they actually ran for (133 to 95). Anthony Allen was the only player to average over 5 yards per carry and only three running backs had longest runs of over 10 yards. All in all it was a tough game.

Threat Level: High


Duke Blue Devils

Returning Starters: Damian Thornton (LB), Vincent Rey (LB), Leon Wright (CB), Lee Butler (CB) , Catron Gainey (S), Matt Daniels (S)

What Happened In 2009

We won the Coastal Division. Sorry Duke,'re Duke.

Threat Level: Low


georgie bulldogs

Returning Starters: Cornelius Washington (LB), Justin Houston (LB), Christian Robinson (LB), Brandon Boykin (CB), Nick Williams (S), Bacarri Rambo (S).  Both Houston and Williams put in 10 and 12 games respectively but by way of looking at the statistics, I will include them as full time returning starters for this piece.

Listed Players: Justin Houston - Bednarik Award

What Happened In 2009:

Heartbreak. Justin Houston contributed to ½ a sack, 2 TFL's and 6 tackles overall, but the rest of the secondary was relatively neutralized. How will the doggies adjust to our offense with a new 3-4 defensive scheme? Note: Intriguing post idea. Coming soon.

Threat Level: Medium. For now

What are your thoughts?