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Preseason BlogPoll Analysis

I'll be quick with our first 2010 BlogPoll analysis. GT picked up a preseason ranking of 16th averaging 7.7 points per blog (26 - rank = points). Out of 18 ACC blogs, everyone voted for Tech except for an anonymous Miami voter and two others. One developed a system based on preseason watch lists, which I thought was pretty cool. The other looks like they accidentally forgot us, which is common amongst BlogPollers. And in fact, the ACC was not the most impressed with GT's offseason, the Big East was...


Now, the conferences are interesting because it shows us that the people that know the least about us (Pac 10 and Big 12) ranked us the lowest. This is good to see. The odd thing, however, is that there are pockets of Yellow Jacket resistance in Midwestern and Western states. Below is the first map of the 2010 BlogPoll. Yellow states are states that ranked GT (on average) in the top quartile of the BlogPoll, Blue states are the second quartile, brown states are third quartile, and red states are the bottom crap quartile. Please note that Massachusetts is GT's stronghold and has been in the top quartile for 14 or 15 straight BlogPolls. Also note that Gobbler Country is lumped in with Virginia despite the fact that he lives in Oklahoma.


Also, we'd like to give a shoutout to Texas Tech bloggers at Double-T Nation for voting GT at #7. They make us look less insane by voting GT as high as we did. Woohoo!