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We Turned One Year Old 11 Days Ago And Nobody Noticed, Including Ourselves!




About two and a half years ago I stumbled upon two football websites that would forever change they way I viewed college football and begin to plant the seed that has grown into my current annoyance towards ESPN. The very first football blogs I ever read were Navy's The Birddog and College Football's EveryDayShouldBeSaturday. Thinking I could come up with something similar for Georgia Tech I embarked upon a foolish journey that had me work with horrible writing and grammar skills and an overall blogging network ignorance.

What was once TheLegacyx4 has since evolved into a better  and more informative blog with a kickass unique name dubbed FromTheRumbleSeat, a site that has grown beyond anything I ever could have imagined. The development team at SBN has done a great job and the expanse of the site's network and influence continues to increase. The individual growth of this site is primarily due to the contributors and readers, both who comment and lurk. Dane and Ted will hopefully be back in the Fall as football soon consumes every one of us and all of you know Bird, the numbers crunching-analyst who I swear does not work and only focuses on this site. A big "thank you" to them.

But especially thanks to the readers. You've called us out, you've appreciated our work, and you have helped develop this site into what we want it to be: a community where Georgia Tech fans can trade ideas, thoughts, pictures, and opinions. The FanShots and FanPosts continue to be used and we work to "Front Page" as much as we can  because it's a group effort over here. I still remember the first time we got to 100 hits on the first blog, and then we eclipsed 1,000 for the first time over here on FTRS, something very small but something I was very proud to see and I thank you all.

One year (and 11 days later) in the dead heat of summer we are seeing more visits than we've ever had during this time of year and for that we appreciate your time and your input, but most of all, we appreciate the desire to share your love and interest in Georgia Tech.

Happy Birthday to FromTheRumbleSeat 11 days late.

Go Jackets!