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Thursday Linkages

Today, I'm gonna go around the NFL and NBA looking for news on GT-related personalities. The first one I found was an interesting post about Chan Gailey's Buffalo "Situation Time". Basically, Gailey will stop all of practice and put the starters in a really weird situation involving little known rules or strategies of football in case these situations arise in football (e.g. the Leon Lett FG blunder).

Philip Wheeler has an incredible diet of carbs, fat, and sugar for training camp. According to Stampede Blue, Wheeler ate three lobster tails the first dinner of camp.

Bengals fans are super happy about the play of Michael Johnson. Why shouldn't they be? He was the defensive steal of the 2009 Draft. Johnson picked up two sacks in limited snaps against the Cowboys in the first preseason game at linebacker.

If you look up Calvin Johnson's SB Nation profile, it features articles from the Detroit Lions blog, our blog, and every pre-fantasy draft post in the entire blogosphere. Makes sense to me as Calvin is going to be a freaking beast this year.

I never saw this before but Revenge of the Birds ran a poll for determining their All-time Team. Their readership chose Ken Whisenhunt to be the best Head Coach of All Time in Cardinals' history. Pretty cool.

And for a final treat Lucas Cox does his best to impersonate Lou Holtz explaining GT's offense...