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Risk Assessment: What streaks will be extended/broken in 2010?

Brian @ BCI is the King of creating thought provoking content that I am not at all ashamed to steal. Today, I'm stealing a piece he wrote up a week or so ago about which BC winning streaks were most at risk to be broken in 2010.

A quick look at the GT schedule shows only a few obvious streaks. We've got a winning streak over I-AA opponents that goes all the way back to 1986. We have defeated Clemson several times since 2006 and Duke hasn't beaten Tech since Reggie Ball's disastrous freshman trip to Durham. Let's review the streaks in detail...

Streak: 19
Who: I-AA Opponents
Run Down: Tech hasn't lost or tied a I-AA team since that awkward 1986 game against Furman. The Purple Paladins tied Bill Curry's last Tech team 17-17 in Tech's 1986 home opener. South Carolina State is a fine football squad but the odds of them upsetting CPJ & Co. is LOW. Streak extends to 20 after this season.

Streak: 14
Who: Noon Kickoff Games @ Home
Run Down: Considering "noon" is ACC-speak for "Raycom Primetime", it makes sense that Tech hasn't lost a noon kickoff at home since 1995. I don't foresee Miami being earlier than 3:30 and none of the other home opponents really strike me as formidable. I think this odd streak continues on into 2011. Risk of ending is LOW.

Streak: 6
Who: Duke University
Run Down: Tech came into the 2003 Duke game riding a four game winning streak. Tech committed Four turnovers and gave up 253 rushing yards to the Blue Devils ending the Blue Devils 30 game conference game losing streak. Duke lost all of its rushing and passing offense from last season (Thaddeus Lewis) to graduation. The likelihood the Devils pull a Chan-tastic Moment against CPJ & Co. is LOW.

Streak: 4
Who: Clemson University
Run Down: The purple on purple game was probably one of the worst football games ever. Clemson, as a good sport, has managed to drop four straight to the Jackets since 2006 including an ACC Title revenge match up last season. If there's one squad that really wants to beat Tech on our schedule, it's the Tigers. The likelihood of Death Valley ending GT's streak is MEDIUM-HIGH.

Streak: 3
Who: Teams from North Carolina
Run Down: Tech's last loss to a North Carolinian squad was the 2008 loss in Chapel Hill. Tech hasn't scored more than 13 points in Chapel Hill since 2002. Because of the inclusion of NC State and Wake, Tech has the chance to sweep all four North Carolina schools in the regular season for the first time since 2001. The risk of Tech dropping a game to one of the four North Carolina schools is MEDIUM.

Streak: 3
Who: Road SEC Out of Conference Games
Run Down: Tech won at Georgia in 2008, Vandy in 2009, and Mississippi State in 2009. Can Tech pull it off against Georgia in 2010? I think so. The odds of this streak ending are MEDIUM-HIGH.

Any other streaks I left off? What streak is most likely to be broken this year?