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The Top 5 "Best Losses" of the 2000's

Yesterday, we discussed the Top 5 Worst Wins of the 2000s. Let ‘s make today a little difficult: Top 5 Best Losses of the 2000's. For today's post use the word good as a relative term. How easy is it to find the silver lining in a college football loss?

5. September 9th, 2000 Florida State 26 Georgia Tech 21

Why It Was Good For Us: For years, the Seminoles pushed the Jackets around like ragdolls. Heading into the 4th quarter, Tech actually had some type of momentum with a lead. Unfortunately, the lead was lost as we gave up 14 points in the last quarter. In the 2000's was a Georgia Tech squad's success defined by how close the loss was to Florida State?

4.  September 13th, 2003 Florida State 14 Georgia Tech 13

Why It Was Good For Us: First of all, these type of games were why I was disappointed that FSU was moved to the Atlantic Division when the ACC expanded. Tech was coming so close to victory against the ‘Noles and it was a game I circled on the calendar every year.  In 2003, Tech ran out to a 13-0 lead but once again could not hold on to the lead in the 4th quarter. The Seminoles scored 14 unanswered final minute points for the win. The Jackets had a mediocre Chan Gailey year and went 7-6. Florida State went 10-3 and won the ACC and we lost to them by only one point thanks to great efforts by PJ Daniels, Jonathan Smith, and Nate Curry.

3.  January 1st, 2007 West Virginia 38 Georgia Tech 35

Why It Was Good For Us: All games hurt, and this one was a big disappointment. However, in reality there was no way we should have even been in this game. Right before the bowl season started, both Kenny Scott and Reggie Ball were declared academically ineligible. We had to scrap our entire offense for the Taylor Bennett Experience. Fortunately, we had Calvin Johnson who was a machine and did superhuman things to keep the game close. In the end, Pat White and Owen Schmidt were just too much to handle.

2.  September 13th, 2008 VPI 20 Georgia Tech 17

Why It Was Good For Us: Under Chan Gailey, Georgia Tech was 1-3 against the Hokies. We had lost 34-20 (2004), 51-7(2005), and 27-3(2007). Our one win was a "hold on for dear life" game in Blacksburg in 2006. No one really thought that Georgia Tech would be able to come into Blacksburg and take the Hokies to the edge under new coach Paul Johnson with a new offense (especially after Jonathan Dwyer's early injury). Instead, VPI needed a late penalty call to put the game on their side and help them get the victory. Georgia Tech showed the college football world that it was going to be competitive in CPJ's first season.

1. January 5th, 2010. Iowa 24 Georgia Tech 14

Why It Was Good For Us: Because it was a reality check. We came in super confident and ready to roll over those Iowa farmboys. Instead, the Iowa defense mauled us at the line and we realized we aren't quite where we need to be just yet. But still, even with the momentum clearly in the Hawkeyes favor, the Jackets were within three points with less than five minutes left in the game.The road to glory is paved with tests, and when one fails, one must adjust. The time has come for a slight adjustment.

If you were able to make it through this article without throwing something, congratulations.